081 | The Year of Less | Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders, author of “The Year of Less”, talks about building $30k of consumer debt, challenging herself to go two years without shopping, and learning how to be comfortable in her own skin without the distractions of consumerism.

  • When did Cait start blogging, and how did she start writing her book?
  • How did Cait build $30k of debt?
  • How did her Dad’s interest in money and finance influence Cait?
  • Did the disorder and discontent in Cait’s finances manifest itself in other aspects of her life?
  • How did Cait get started paying off her debt, and saving?
  • What motivated Cait to move from a minimal savings rate, to a more effective and sustainable savings rate?
  • What was Cait spending 90% of her salary on?
  • Would Cait qualify her former self as a shopaholic?
  • Did Cait get any negative responses from her immediate support circle?
  • What were the rules of Cait’s “Shopping Ban”?
  • The two hardest things in the first few months: no take-out coffee, no books.
  • What filled up the time and space that had previously been filled with shopping?
  • Cait decluttered during her two-year shopping ban: why?
  • How many pieces of clothing does Cait use now?
  • If you own something, do you have to own it forever?
  • Did the shopping ban include anything besides physical items?
  • What spurred Cait on to learn life skills that help her insource some of the tasks and activities that she had previously ignored, or paid for?
  • How did changing spending and consuming habits impact Cait’s health?
  • Advice would Cait give to someone who wants to live with less:
    • Take inventory of the things you own the most of in your home.
    • Tell the people in your daily life, and make sure there’s at least one person who will encourage you to make a good decision.
    • Become more resourceful.
    • Ask yourself if you really need to own something.
    • If you’re unhappy about something, track it to see where you’re at.



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3 thoughts on “081 | The Year of Less | Cait Flanders”

  1. Maybe I’m just new and not tech-saavy, but navigating between show notes is difficult. After binge-watching I often want to reference things talked about such as products that I expect to be in show notes, but quickly skimming is somewhat tedious. Just a heads-up. Maybe it would be helpful to others. Thanks for the content.

  2. I really enjoyed the quote of each little change you do pays compounding dividends. It is so true, someone could scoff at each of the little changes Cait made in her life (choosing not to shop for a year, removing alcohol from her life, the declutter of items, etc.) and state that none of them would change her life that much, but you put all of them together and she is a different person headed in a different direction! This was incredibly inspiring. Thanks for getting her on the show.

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  4. Great episode! One of my favorites–the links between spending, drinking and weight were especially insightful. “Every small change you make pays compound interest”.

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