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081 | The Year of Less | Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders, author of “The Year of Less”, talks about building $30k of consumer debt, challenging herself to go two years without shopping, and learning how to be comfortable in her own skin without the distractions of consumerism.
  • When did Cait start blogging, and how did she start writing her book?
  • How did Cait build $30k of debt?
  • How did her Dad’s interest in money and finance influence Cait?
  • Did the disorder and discontent in Cait’s finances manifest itself in other aspects of her life?
  • How did Cait get started paying off her debt, and saving?
  • What motivated Cait to move from a minimal savings rate, to a more effective and sustainable savings rate?
  • What was Cait spending 90% of her salary on?
  • Would Cait qualify her former self as a shopaholic?
  • Did Cait get any negative responses from her immediate support circle?
  • What were the rules of Cait’s “Shopping Ban”?
  • The two hardest things in the first few months: no take-out coffee, no books.
  • What filled up the time and space that had previously been filled with shopping?
  • Cait decluttered during her two-year shopping ban: why?
  • How many pieces of clothing does Cait use now?
  • If you own something, do you have to own it forever?
  • Did the shopping ban include anything besides physical items?
  • What spurred Cait on to learn life skills that help her insource some of the tasks and activities that she had previously ignored, or paid for?
  • How did changing spending and consuming habits impact Cait’s health?
  • Advice would Cait give to someone who wants to live with less:
    • Take inventory of the things you own the most of in your home.
    • Tell the people in your daily life, and make sure there’s at least one person who will encourage you to make a good decision.
    • Become more resourceful.
    • Ask yourself if you really need to own something.
    • If you’re unhappy about something, track it to see where you’re at.  

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