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Highlights of Monday’s episode with Tim & Amy Rutherford, discussion about healthcare, additional podcast recommendations, and voicemails from the ChooseFI community.
  • Jonathan’s trying out gardening, and DIY projects around the house.
  • What are the advantages of composting?
  • Review of Monday’s episode with Tim & Amy Rutherford.
  • FI is mostly about finding a simple way to live and enjoying the people around you.
  • Housesitting is essentially creating a community and leveraging relationships.
  • Brad is impressed by the level of trust established through the housesitting community.
  • Building a personal brand, with a reputation of being trustworthy, can start now.
  • How does Amy manage healthcare in early retirement?
  • Three strategies for healthcare in the US
    • Low-income strategy: ACA is still in place.
    • Middle option: health-share
    • High-cost option: paying for full healthcare out of pocket
  • Having a job that creates additional stress in your life and can long-term health implications.
  • Brad and Jonathan talk about ways they build healthy habits into their lives.
  • Voicemail from Greg: update about how he’s trimming extra spending out of his budget, and wonders what other podcasts Brad and Jonathan recommend?
  • Podcasts Jonathan recommends: FIRE Drill Podcast, Mad FIentist, Radical Personal Finance.
  • Podcasts Brad recommends: Journey to Launch, Tim Feriss Show, Impact Theory, Jocko Willink Podcast.
  • Update from Justin about air traffic control as a great potential job for someone pursuing FI – opportunities to apply will open on soon – and suggestion to use the ChooseFI community to help people find places to stay while traveling.
  • The ChooseFI team is growing:
    • Ashley is an editor, helping produce content on the ChooseFI website
    • William, reached FI, and will become the ChooseFI chief technology officer
  • Voicemail from Miriam: many universities offer Young Scholars Programs or scholarships to first-generation college students.
  • Miriam talks about potential loan-forgiveness for teachers.
  • How can local groups connect people with scholarships available more regionally?
  • Rick, from Austin, realized that he’s reached financial independence and now has an opportunity to step away from work for a while, or many permanently.
  • Building up some savings gives people power to make life decisions differently.
  • How can Anthony manage the slow progress toward FI?
  • CampFI Update: last option is in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Sign up for a chance to win a free ticket to CampFI Southwest (Aug. 3-6) in Joshue Tree, California, by following Jonathan’s instructions. Winner will be announced on June 29.
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