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078R | College Hacking Toolbox

College Hacking
  • Discussion of Episode 78 with Travis Hornsby and the positive feedback we received
  • Jonathan has become a “rockstar” at selling things on Craigslist
  • Tips from Jonathan on how to earn more money selling on Craigslist, including how to write a better product description
  • Brad also decluttered his life by selling his old home and now has to determine how to spend the money that was just deposited into his bank account
  • The FI calculation behind Brad paying off the mortgage on the property he had in North Carolina
  • 2nd Generation FIRE and how Brad and Laura took their girls to the bank to deposit cash and then moved it to Vanguard to buy more Total Stock Market Index Fund shares
  • The amazing ownership Travis took over his path to college and the desperation he showed in getting a full merit scholarship
  • Discussion of how Brad and Jonathan would explain college savings strategies to friends and family based on the information they’ve picked up in past episodes of ChooseFI
  • Tips on going to a community college and having credits transfer to a four-year university
  • Taking action by going after scholarships large and small
  • Discussion of student loans and options to repay including Jonathan’s personal example
  • Orthodontist Mike Meru and how his $1,000,000+ of student loan debt has been in the news lately
  • Case student on student loan repayment and the response from Travis
  • Thoughts and feedback from our ChooseFI community plus milestones
  • The Digital Dialogue Brad and Jonathan did with NBC12 in Richmond


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