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074 | Ryan Carson | Learn To Code

Ryan Carson’s tech-education company, Treehouse, teaches computer coding as a trade skill, giving students an opportunity to enter the workforce or change careers in nine months, at a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree.

  • Ryan considers coding a trade skill, rather than profession that requires a four-year degree.
  • Ryan founded Treehouse to help people avoid student debt, get a job sooner and start saving for their 401k sooner.
  • There will be 1.4 million new jobs in tech, and only 400,000 will be filled by college graduates.
  • A trade job is composed of acquired skills, or “stackable skills”, like a mechanic or electrician.
  • Will the future be primarily trade jobs?
  • How is Treehouse different from other coding schools?
  • How does apprenticeship work in the tech industry?
  • What is TalentPath, and how does it help develop young coders?
  • For a skilled job, such as coding, landing a job is more dependent on a portfolio than a degree.
  • How does apprenticeship impact a person’s retirement savings, compared to earning a college degree?
  • Are there any degrees that are more valuable to a new professional than a year of on-the-job experience?
  • An apprentice has four more years of experience than a college graduate.
  • How can companies create talent, rather than hire talent, in order to compete with big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.?
  • How do employers measure a coder’s skill?
  • What development language is most in demand?
  • Trying out a school – a traditional four-year university, trade school, or treehouse – is important. How does TreeHouse allow students to do that?
  • Ryan started a company that facilitated large file sending but ultimately decided to pursue a business that he felt contributed more on a human level.
  • TreeHouse originated from a desire to make coding education available and financially accessible to more people.
  • Students can try it for free. Basic treehouse course is $25 a month. Full coding school is $200 a month.
  • Success in life is mostly related to the ability to keep going when something is hard.
  • Most people are going to quit something because their internal “why” isn’t strong enough.
  • Coding is hard; it’s like going to the gym. Pursuing coding will require a certain amount of grit – but once you find your “why”, the grit comes.

*Update | on May 15th after the release of this episode we became an affiliate for the Treehouse Code School

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