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054R | And the Guest Host is…

Fritz from The Retirement Manifesto joins Jonathan to cover the topic of risk tolerance and capacity, Jonathan taking action to make ChooseFI happen, voicemails about college hacking, and ESI Money taking over Rockstar Finance.

This episode covers:

  • Review of Monday's episode with Fritz
  • The financial love letter
  • How ChooseFI is now happening in real time
  • The different risk tolerances in the FIRE community
  • Sam from the Facebook group: Jonathan's risk by quitting his job
  • How the risk capacity varies from person to person
  • Why Jonathan has a high risk capacity
  • The more you start doing what you love, the more opportunities you get
  • Dylan and Kimberly ask Fritz a question about the drone and prepping for emergencies
  • Voicemail from Accidental FIRE about Fritz living in a cabin
  • Richmond's asks for advice for college graduates
  • Jessie's college hack on getting a graduate degree
  • Ben asking about the power of clep testing
  • Francis' career hack as a sales rep
  • Monday's big event: J Money handing over the Rockstar Finance reins to ESI Money
  • Felisa's voicemail on why not to buy and hold company stock
  • The end of year checklist and how Christine was able to cut taxes
  • iTunes review and book giveaway

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3 thoughts on “054R | And the Guest Host is…”

  1. Fritz – great episode and thanks for including my question guys! So after the great sarcasm, it seems you’re answer is a clear “cabin life is amazing!”.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the ChooseFI crew!

  2. Francis’ website is mentioned at 35:17 “From the Bach Road.com” is what I heard, but I cannot seem to find a link in the show notes and my googling has produced nothing. Can you help?

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