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053 | Millennial Money Man | Do you want to be rich?

This episode was an interview with Bobby from Millennial Money Man on attacking debt, becoming a full-time blogger, methods to teach finance in schools and how to scale side hustles.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Bobby’s story starting as a high school music director
  • Him quitting his job to be a full-time blogger
  • How he paid off his student loans
  • His mentor teaching him the basics of managing money
  • The lightbulb moment which brought him to start Millennial Money Man
  • Bobby’s rule on talking about money with friends and family
  • How he hasn’t changed even though he has more money
  • The FI lifestyle
  • Being a valuist
  • Questioning the traditional narrative that everyone has to go to college
  • At which age should kids start learning about personal finance
  • How the world would change if everyone knew more about finance
  • Bobby’s method to get kids interested in finance
  • Bobby’s initial idea to do teaching seminars in schools
  • How he decided to quit his job
  • Getting started with side hustles
  • Advice for new bloggers: using your blog as a portfolio
  • Scaling your blog/side-hustle
  • The path to earning good money with a blog
  • Hot Seat Questions

Links from the show:

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