052R _ Bring It

052R | Bring It | We Are Just Getting Started

We review Monday’s episode featuring Todd Tresidder discussing the different ways to reach FI through different asset classes, goals for 2018 and how to invest in yourself to create a happier life.

What we cover:

  • Recap of Monday’s episode with Todd: our most commented podcast
  • How Todd makes us rethink FI and the way his mind works
  • Why things are not as simple as the FI community make it out to be
  • What other assets there are apart from index funds
  • The 2 ways of getting into the entrepreneur game
  • How FI is not a lottery ticket, the work to be put in.
  • Why starting a business does not mean reaching FI
  • How to choose which asset class is your path to FI
  • How Brad’s bad experience in real estate makes him nervous about starting again
  • 2018 goals: taking the next step with real estate
  • The importance of not being dogmatic and broadening horizons
  • Feedback from Trent on real estate, stocks and bonds
  • How real estate can be a good plan for retirement
  • Big Ern’s thoughts on Monday’s episode
  • Active asset allocation: can it work for FI?
  • Why investing in yourself will always make you win
  • Christian’s voicemail on his 2018 goals
  • The 80/20 analysis: why reaching level 2 understanding doesn’t have to be necessary
  • How we’re now learning more about FI with our audience, not just teaching
  • A voicemail from Jason about his big change: FIPE (Financial Independence Partial Retirement)
  • iTunes review and book giveaway


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6 thoughts on “052R | Bring It | We Are Just Getting Started”

  1. THE central insight of the Todd episode was totally unstated by him or by Jonathan and Brad (though Brad almost gets there in this episode): The FI community as it currently operates is based on one unstated assumption–ANYONE can reach FI, even if they (a) don’t own a multi-million dollar real estate empire and (b) aren’t an uber successful businessperson. And the way ANYONE can reach FI is by reducing their expenses and increasing their income (and investing in index funds), even if only by little side hustles and fits and starts.

    So that Todd was saying, “But hey! You could be wealthy if you did other things like…run a successful business or own a lot of real estate,” just wasn’t new. But it did remind us what is special about the FI community–that we’re saying anyone can be financially independent, even without the asset classes of business and real estate. To that extent, the FI community is, I guess, fundamentally a lean FI community.

    To me, Todd just reminded me that there are a LOT of people out there telling me how I can be more financially independent. But what drew me to the “FI community” was MMM’s message–that I could do it from inside my current life. I need not be a business woman or a real estate mogul. So I’m really hesitant for us to internalize Todd’s message into the community because I’m afraid it will disrupt what I like the most about ChooseFI: it’s about lifestyle changes bringing freedom, not about all the ways I can get rich.

    • That was only one part of Todd’s message. The other part is far more important, that the buy-and-hold stock market strategy doesn’t work because there is no risk management.

  2. Sarah B., your comment was wonderfully worded. Achieving FI from “inside my current life” is what draws people in, empowers them, and gives them hope.

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