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051R | Be Coachable

The importance of getting past limiting beliefs as well as how to use the community to your benefit and take action in pursuing FI.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Recap of Monday’s episode with Mrs Money Monster.
  • The importance of getting past those limiting beliefs
  • Why we should learn to embrace the growth mindset, to always be willing to learn
  • The value of having mentors
  • Why FI is acknowledging that I am more than the sum of my stuff
  • Having more control over your finances means making retirement optional
  • Choose FI local groups are growing, making the Camp FI and FI Festival possible
  • Voicemail from Lori about educational IRAs answered by Ed Mills from the Millionaire Educator
  • Voicemail from Michelle about her journey to FI. All about taking action and keep working towards your goals.
  • Matthew’s post from the Facebook Choose FI group: how one person changed his life by introducing him to FI
  • Voicemail from Haidi about her preparing for retirement. By choosing to be half retired she will always continue learning.
  • How to work out the wonderful problem of having so much choice when it comes to financial freedom.
  • Voicemail from Lance after attending Alan’s Popup Business School and who wants to give back to the community.
  • Teaser of Monday’s episode: Challenging our beliefs
  • iTunes review and Book Giveaway

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