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The Impact of FI, A New FI Curriculum being piloted in a university, and holiday hacks just in time for Christmas.

In today’s Friday Roundup we talk a bit about Thanksgiving and how to work on being thankful for all we have (yes it’s about your family). We also look back on our previous episode with Mr Groovy about moving out of an expensive living area to reach FI faster and the value of a local FI community (the FIRE really is spreading).  We received some really inspiring messages which we share on today’s episode to show you the power FI has to transform an entire life. And of course, we finished off with some great Christmas hacks for the holidays!

What we cover:

1. The Importance of Community

There are ChooseFI communities all over the world now (62 and counting!) and it’s an enormous network. This means more and more people have communities with similar mindsets and goals just at their doorsteps. Imagine the opportunities when visiting another city and making contact with those other FI communities? The huge amount of knowledge shared? Our goal is to have these communities in every single city, so we can all help each other out to reach FI.

If you feel there isn’t enough of a community in your own city, reach out to us on Facebook to become an admin of the Facebook page. There is a team in each area to help you out and we share the best practices to support the local groups

2. Circle Back to the Ongoing Buy vs Rent Debate

Through the feedback voicemail from Charles we revisit the episode on buying vs renting and the fact that it doesn’t cover many of the aspects of home ownership. It was a good episode, but there was no counterpoint. Whether you want to buy or rent a house really depends on your situation and takes into account many different lifestyle factors. The most important is to look at it from an objective point of view: don’t just buy a house because that’s what you’ve been told all your life, buy it because it works for your situation. Do the math and analyze the situation.

In honor of this huge and important debate, we pledge to do another proper episode where we have a proper sit down, do the math and have an in depth discussion.

3. The Impact of FI

Thanks to everyone for sending those inspiring and in-depth voicemails in.

  • Wendy, our first voicemailer, explains that FI is also about removing the parts that make you unhappy, removing the alligators and working towards what will improve your life and your future.
  • Cassandra shares her goal to pay off $260,000 in debt and reach FI! This journey has changed her outlook and perspective on finance and entrepreneurship
  • Phil rediscovered a zest for life by grabbing hold of Financial Independence he shares his 9 year plan to reach FI and what he plans on doing after FI
  • Laurie shares her lightbulb moment, and how this podcast lifted the mental fog that kept her from appreciating the soundness of her husband’s financial plan

This truly goes to show the HUGE impact reaching Financial Independence can have over your life. We need to spread this message and we need to take action now. Start small. Start this week. And in 10 years you will have reached a state of independence you did not know was possible.

This episode will inspire you to keep working towards FI and to build a community of like-minded individuals. One of our stated goals is to see a FI curriculum at the K-12 and collegiate level and Zack is piloting the first ever college level course at the University of Iowa


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