049R FI Festival

In the Friday Roundup we discuss our big takeaway from Episode 49: The Aggregation of Marginal Gains. Plus, upcoming plans for the ChooseFI website, a FI Festival and local meetups.

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • A review of Episode 49 with Alan Donegan and Barney from The Escape Artist
  • The growth of the FI community throughout the US and now the world
  • Jonathan just returned from his 2 week trip to South Africa with his family
  • How did Jonathan fare with his use of electronics on his trip?
  • Jonathan used travel rewards points to book his flights for free and he stayed with family so his entire trip was free
  • Brad’s upcoming travel for summer 2018 to Europe where he used travel rewards points and then his trip to Santiago, Chile for 2019
  • The power of the Aggregation of Marginal Gains and how important it is for the FI journey
  • How small examples can make a huge difference over time
  • We were voted the #1 most popular Personal Finance Podcast at Rockstar Finance
  • The benefits of fasting and why Jonathan does multi-day fasts
  • The spreading of the FI message throughout the UK and how we’ve seen a significant number of people in our ChooseFI community
  • The important of local groups and how we’re going to do everything we can to facilitate local ChooseFI groups throughout the US
  • How we can all benefit from local meetup groups of like-minded people
  • How the FIRE really is spreading and how we want to help grow the community
  • A future FI Festival as a large-scale FI meetup event
  • The Hall of FI idea that Jonathan wants to see as a featured component of a FI Festival
  • People connect with stories and that’s what makes a successful blog and podcast
  • We are looking for writers to tell their stories at the ChooseFI website as full contributors to the site
  • Announcement: Joel from FI 180 is our first ChooseFI blogger
  • Voicemail from Joel announcing that he left his job!
  • Upcoming episodes on ChooseFI
  • Itunes reviews and book giveaways

Links from the show:

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6 thoughts on “049R | FI Festival”

  1. I booked a cruise/ 4 day inland stay in Alaska for the spring. All the flights, hotels, and rental car is paid for with points! Thanks guys.

  2. Thanks for reading my comment from Rockstar Finance in this episode. I absolutely love your podcast and listen religiously every Monday & Friday. I can’t thank you enough for the life hacks you have introduced me to already. Still, there is no way I’m going to start fasting regularly unless my doc tells me I have to. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. Hi Brad and Jonathan,

    When I heard this episode last week, I was super excited to hear our tiny Scandinavian country mentioned in the first few minutes of the podcast. My fiancè and I are only a few months in on the journey to FI, and found the previous (?) episode with Barney the Escape Artist and Alan Donegan incredibly useful, as we only moved away from the UK May/June this year. The only sad thing about that, is that we only found out about them AFTER we moved away from the UK!

    I just wanted to say that we both think your show is amazing, and listen to it frequently, along with The Mad Fientist’s podcast. Even though a lot of the tax content of your blog is different for us across the pond, it’s really helped me, particularly when it comes to getting started with investments (my better half has already been squirrelling away money for the past few years).

    As a side-note, we’ve found that Vanguard isn’t available in Norway. However, there’s an investment site called nordnet available in all the Scandinavian countries. They have their own index funds with an amazing sum of 0,- in fees. As far as I understand, it’s a marketing stunt but I’m not complaining!

    We have yet to figure out how travel points works in Norway, but we are quite sure it’s pretty similar to what you guys have. Both my partner and I are very conservative in regards to credit cards, so we haven’t really crossed that threshold yet.

    Thank you for the amazing content you put up every week, we’re looking forward to the new content in 2018!

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