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In the Friday Roundup we discuss our big takeaway from Episode 49: The Aggregation of Marginal Gains. Plus, upcoming plans for the ChooseFI website, a FI Festival and local meetups.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • A review of Episode 49 with Alan Donegan and Barney from The Escape Artist
  • The growth of the FI community throughout the US and now the world
  • Jonathan just returned from his 2 week trip to South Africa with his family
  • How did Jonathan fare with his use of electronics on his trip?
  • Jonathan used travel rewards points to book his flights for free and he stayed with family so his entire trip was free
  • Brad’s upcoming travel for summer 2018 to Europe where he used travel rewards points and then his trip to Santiago, Chile for 2019
  • The power of the Aggregation of Marginal Gains and how important it is for the FI journey
  • How small examples can make a huge difference over time
  • We were voted the #1 most popular Personal Finance Podcast at Rockstar Finance
  • The benefits of fasting and why Jonathan does multi-day fasts
  • The spreading of the FI message throughout the UK and how we’ve seen a significant number of people in our ChooseFI community
  • The important of local groups and how we’re going to do everything we can to facilitate local ChooseFI groups throughout the US
  • How we can all benefit from local meetup groups of like-minded people
  • How the FIRE really is spreading and how we want to help grow the community
  • A future FI Festival as a large-scale FI meetup event
  • The Hall of FI idea that Jonathan wants to see as a featured component of a FI Festival
  • People connect with stories and that’s what makes a successful blog and podcast
  • We are looking for writers to tell their stories at the ChooseFI website as full contributors to the site
  • Announcement: Joel from FI 180 is our first ChooseFI blogger
  • Voicemail from Joel announcing that he left his job!
  • Upcoming episodes on ChooseFI
  • Itunes reviews and book giveaways
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