048R The Roadmap to FI

048R | The Roadmap to FI

In this podcast we recap Episode 48 with Jeff from The Happy Philosopher plus a life hack update from Brad and a question on how to present the FI concept to others.

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Recap of Episode 48 with Jeff from The Happy Philosopher
  • Jonathan and Brad’s recap of the Fincon conference
  • How Brad and Jonathan brainstormed the future of ChooseFI at Fincon
  • How the FI community is growing significantly at Fincon and how people were coming up to us saying they were listening
  • How much value we can get from FI-centric events going forward, such as Camp FI
  • How taking action is essential with the pursuit of happiness
  • Happiness through subtraction and the process and mindset necessary
  • Removing news and television from your life as well as sports
  • How Jeff cultivated happiness in his life by “adding kittens”
  • Finding the little moments that add value to your life
  • How important gratitude is in life and how Jeff introduced that to us
  • Decluttering and how it impacts Brad psychologically
  • Jonathan’s experiment with his three closets of clothes and how little he actually wears
  • Karen’s feedback on how to document your donations for clothing and such
  • How essential it is keep organized and how you should do it along the way
  • Brad’s life hack using unroll.me to organize all his subscription emails
  • Email from Paul who is facing a challenge to introduce FI to his children
  • Jonathan’s thoughts on how to present FI to someone else
  • The information we have available in our ChooseFI Vault on how to present FI to others
  • Email from Jennifer on a Bloomberg article that shows how even if you invested at the worst time in 2007 that your money would have doubled since then
  • Itunes review and book giveaway

Links from the show:

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4 thoughts on “048R | The Roadmap to FI”

  1. Hey – I just signed up for unroll.me and I’m happily looking forward to less distractions tomorrow! Love your emphasis on taking immediate action and making incremental changes. Many Thanks!!!

  2. What are your thoughts on a social media app that compiles life hacks? There is so much noise in social media as is, there is no meaningful purpose. Here’s my take on social media:

    * Facebook: Where people go to repost political rants.
    * Instagram: Where people go to pictures of themselves, their meals, their vacations, and kids.
    * Pinterest: I don’t understand Pinterest. To me, Pinterest = showing off recipes & crafts.
    * Twitter: I don’t understand the purpose of twitter. Seems like an inferior substitute to RSS linking to well curated ideas formulated in blogs. From what I gather, it’s mostly just nonsense.
    * Goodreads: Where book nerds congregate to share books.
    * Reddit: Crowdsourced best cat videos on the internet.

    What I want someone to develop is a platform similar to Instagram where I can subscribe to people I respect and unsubscribe from people I don’t care about. I want to learn life hacks from these individuals. I want to learn what they are reading. Their favorite websites/blogs. Their favorite movies. Their favorite board games. Their favorite gizmos. Their favorite chrome plugins. Their habits. Etc.

    I essentially use my blog as a very convoluted version of the above. In it, I share life hacks such as CamelCamelCamel, cell phone hacking, tax & investing advice, etc. But a blog is way too verbose. And few people blog anymore.

    If I had access to a social media tool that simply fed me a carefully curated list of life hacks on a daily basis from people I admire, this would be fantastic. This would be the best social media platform I can imagine, one that truly improves humanity and allows us to easily share life lessons with one another.

  3. At the beginning of this show (and a few other recent ones), you have mentioned a CampFI in Florida to come up in January of 2018. Where can I find any information about this? I have been looking but can only find info about the one in Virginia.

  4. “Helpless anxiety” hits the nail on the head with the news. “They want to hook you not inform you” “Ads on one side and fear on the other side”. “This path that you’re on doesn’t depend on 24 hour news”. Great episode.

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