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042R | Perfect Utilization

In today’s Friday Roundup we discuss Episode 42 with JW from The Green Swan, plus various discussions about community and feedback from the audience.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • A discussion of Episode 42 with JW from The Green Swan
  • Scott Rieckens and his crew from the documentary Playing With FIRE were in Richmond this week filming our podcast, lives and a Richmond FI get together
  • The importance of community in the Financial Independence world and the volunteers we’ve received to be ‘community leaders’ for Choose FI meetups
  • How we’re going to setup Slack for the Choose FI community and we need someone to help organize it
  • The future Choose FI Vault that will be a digital locker for useful files for the community
  • The decision JW made to buy a business with his brothers and how unconventional that is
  • How you need to consider all possibilities when going into business with anyone
  • Brad and Jonathan didn’t have the discussion of all future possibilities and didn’t put together an operating agreement, but are now going to do so thanks to JW’s advice
  • Feedback from Lucas on the Green Swan episode about not relating to a high dollar value acquisition
  • A question from Lucas on how this differs from buying an individual stock and if they had an unfair advantage by being CPAs and MBAs
  • We all have a unique path to FI
  • You need to see how different investment and business opportunities fit into your life and with your own risk profile
  • Calculation based on getting a return of 8% versus 16% over a 15-year period
  • How hustle can be as or more important than any skills or certifications you have
  • How putting skills from various areas together will help you succeed dramatically in life
  • Different ways to improve a business from Jonathan if you’re a lifelong learner
  • Announcement of the next Camp FI in Williamsburg, Virginia in April 2018
  • “Collect skills not stuff” motto from Jonathan and how he wants to explore a “Maker space” for a community of learners
  • The sharing possibilities of having pooled resources with neighbors or communities
  • The new Mr. Money Mustache World Headquarters for people with the FI and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Buy Nothing Project and how it relates to “the alley will provide”
  • Travel Rewards update on changes to card opening options
  • Itunes reviews of the week
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