040R | The Power of the Reset Button

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In today's Friday Roundup we discuss our takeaways from Episode 40 with Noah and Becky from Money Metagame, plus voicemails from the ChooseFI community and our in-house expert Keith from the Wealthy Accountant.

1500 days
In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Discussion of Episode 40 with Noah and Becky from Money Metagame about the Gap Year
  • Jonathan took action and followed Geoff’s advice to start culling his closet and decluttering his life
  • Jonathan is struggling with how to categorize and track his donations
  • For tax purposes you definitely do want to track your noncash donations
  • It’s always easier to track things along the way as opposed to doing it all at the end of the year
  • How is Jonathan mentally approaching the process of decluttering his life?
  • How Brad would approach cleaning out closets by making a game out of it
  • Noah and Becky found FI at a young age and incredibly have not made any major financial mistakes in their lives
  • You have more and more power in your life as you go along your FI path and reach your Milestones of FI. It isn’t an all or nothing thing.
  • Becky realized she was getting burned out and was able to make a decision to leave her job based on a position of strength
  • Becky and Noah have no fear moving forward and that is incredibly inspiring
  • You don’t have to maximize every dollar but can focus on what brings you happiness
  • How a ChooseFI app would add value to the community and an ask whether this would provide people value
  • Announcement of the two finalists for the Startup Business Competition with Alan Donegan: Rachel and Tallis
  • Discussion of the phrase ‘Side Hustle’ and how Brad hasn’t liked that phrase
  • Voicemail from Alex with a question for Keith from the Wealth Accountant on retirement plans available to self-employed individuals
  • Response voicemail from Keith from the Wealthy Accountant
  • Life hack from Noah from Money Metagame on how to save on movie tickets
  • Voicemail from Nicholas about the positive changes he’s made in his life in the last 5+ weeks since he found ChooseFI
  • Discussion about the value you receive from cards on an ongoing basis
  • Itunes review for the winner of the book drawing

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1 thought on “040R | The Power of the Reset Button

  1. Agree with Brad…not a fan of the term “side hustle”. “Side” sort of de-emphasizes that the work may be your calling or true choice. Hustle can have a positive connotation (work hard) or a negative connotation (swindle). For some people, getting to their part-time work choice is the point of FI.

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