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037R | The Friday Roundup

Today we discuss Episode 37 with Scott Rieckens, the filmmaker behind the FI documentary Playing with FIRE, plus emails and voicemails from the community and a discussion of reaching FI in a high cost of living area.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Discussion of Episode 37 with Scott Rieckens, the documentary filmmaker behind the upcoming FI documentary called Playing With FIRE
  • The great American Eclipse and our viewing
  • Brad’s vacation and how they spent $0 on hotels for 16 nights
  • The value of slow travel and why it makes vacation dramatically better. Vacation doesn’t have to be stressful
  • How expectations management is so crucial to life and on vacation
  • Time is such a crucial tool
  • Scott’s slow travel with his family and the yearlong adventure they are on visiting family and friends while filming the documentary
  • There should be creativity and excitement in your future and your decisions
  • The list of things that made Scott’s wife happy on a weekly basis and how this was an inspired decision by Scott
  • Sell your value first and then grow your network. How Scott did a masterful job at this by creating a network and even leaning on our network
  • How Brad connected instantly with Scott and wanted to help him
  • This documentary can help take the concept of FI to the mainstream
  • Email from Paige on limiting beliefs and how it isn’t “impossible” to live in a high cost of living area for under $50,000 per year
  • Paige thinks that you may need to be a “little more intense” to hit FI on a low income, but that it is certainly possible and it is all about savings rate
  • How we all have limiting beliefs that we need to work through to “think about a problem a little bit differently”
  • Brad’s decision to leave Long Island, and how that helped the path to FI. But could they have been more intense and stayed and still reached FI?
  • You can be on the path to FI moving forward no matter where you’ve been or what “bad” decisions you’ve made in the past
  • There’s no perfect person or situation for FI – just try to be a little better going forward to make positive changes
  • Email from Art Vandelay and how they love the show and have made a lot of positive changes since listening. Should we stop the FIRE from spreading?
  • We need local leaders for ChooseFI local meetups so please reach out to us
  • Voicemail from James about his successful trip from Nashville to Europe using travel rewards points
  • Voicemail from Rachel about how to hack your TSP to save money on your student loans
  • Itunes reviews and giveaways for Camp ticket plus books
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