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036R | The Friday Roundup

In today’s podcast we discuss the power of community and future meetups and events for the FI community, plus voicemails from the ChooseFI community and frugal wins of the week.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Discussion of the community aspect of Episode 36 with JL Collins
  • There is a yearning and desire for community meetups with other members of the Financial Independence community
  • The spread of these community meetups and longer Chautauqua and Camp events throughout the world
  • The ever growing FI community in the Richmond, VA area where Jonathan and Brad live
  • How much money could we all save if we had like-minded people in our communities?
  • Discussion of Millennial Revolution’s article The Five Types of People You’ll Meet on Your Way to FI
  • Spreading the concept of FI with people who may be predisposed to it who are already in your life
  • The new MMM Headquarters in Longmont, CO that Pete just opened and the value of that community
  • Voicemail from Chris from our community on how he has saved over $146,000 since listening to ChooseFI a few months ago just by making small changes in his life
  • Voicemail from Aaron in San Diego on VTSAX and potentially diversifying with other index funds for small and mid-cap funds
  • Hard L’s comment on the Vanguard Wellington fund and why he thinks it compares favorably to VTSAX and Jonathan’s response to this actively managed fund and why we don’t necessarily recommend it
  • Voicemail from Tinian from Life Outside the Box on using a daily journal each morning to set his intentions for the day and to express gratefulness
  • How to support ChooseFI
  • Travel Rewards voicemail from Marilyn on how travel rewards helped her imagine possibilities for her future
  • Explanation of the show notes for the ChooseFI podcast
  • Frugal Win of the Week from Gwen from Fiery Millennials
  • Frugal win of the week from Sara
  • Itunes Reviews of the Week and book winners

Links from the show:

Books Mentioned in the Show:

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