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031R | The Friday Roundup

In today’s Friday Roundup we discuss travel rewards, flipping holidays upside down, buying presents, the upcoming FI Documentary and much more.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Submit your applications for the contest to win a one-on-one business coaching relationship with Alan Donegan from PopUp Business School
  • Brad’s slow travel vacation through New York State this August
  • How we’ll publish episodes while on vacation and living a FI lifestyle
  • Discussion of Episode 31 on travel rewards
  • What to do with your strategy after Chase cards
  • Clarification of Brad’s past and future travel rewards strategy
  • Noah’s feedback about an alternate option for staying under the Chase 5/24 rule
  • Feedback from the audience: Pastor FI on how he switches Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  • Feedback from Frank on not doing things on holidays or other busy times. Don’t wait in line “with the lemmings”
  • If you’re busy all the time, you need to come up with strategies to make your life better
  • How Jonathan feels that buying cards for holidays are a terrible waste of money
  • Brad and Laura don’t exchange presents for any holidays/birthdays/etc.
  • Jonathan’s spending habits for presents for his friends and family
  • How essential the concept of progress is in the pursuit of FI and the pursuit of happiness
  • Voicemail from Scott Rieckens on how he’s starting a documentary about the FI community
  • How we can grow the FI movement through this documentary and by spreading the word
  • We’re going to have Scott on the podcast and he’s going to tell us about his Kickstarter campaign for the documentary
  • Question from Bonnie about tax implications in early retirement
  • Response from Keith from the Wealthy Accountant
  • Follow up from Brad on action he took to sell his comic book collection
  • Email from David how he wants to hire Jonathan’s wife Dani to do an audio book version of the book he intends to publish
  • Frugal wins of the week from our community
  • Can you share items with your neighbors and save money?
  • Itunes reviews and book giveaway

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