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024R | The Friday Roundup | How to Hack Your ESPP

In today’s Friday Roundup we discuss Episode 24 with Joel and Alexis from FI180 as well as some expert voicemails from Chad Carson about real estate plus Ken talking about ESPP options.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Friday Roundup after Episode 24 with Joel and Alexis from FI 180
  • Camp Mustache tickets for January 2018 are available for sale, so come and join us!
  • The letter Joel wrote to his younger self and the emotional value of it
  • The sacrifice for living an opulent lifestyle is too great in our opinion as you have finite resources and have to make the best choices
  • Joel and Alexis had a true choice and inflection point where they chose Financial Independence
  • They looked at FI as a game and had fun trying to gain a quicker path to FI. It made them happier and brought them closer together
  • The 72 hour no buying rule that Liz from Frugalwoods informed us about
  • Brad’s new favorite card game: Monopoly Deal
  • Feedback from the audience: Austin’s email about his path to FI with a career that didn’t require a Bachelor’s Degree. He is now earning 6-figures at 25 years of age
  • Itunes review from Derek who is teaching his 5th grade students how to look at money, index fund investing and much more.
  • Geri’s question about reinvesting dividends when you invest in mutual funds. You generally want to reinvest the dividends
  • Question from John about investing in VTSAX in a “taxable” investment and what bucket to put it in? Our advice is to open a standard brokerage account and invest in VTSAX
  • Index fund investing is the most tax efficient investing since there is low turnover and thus lower capital gains that would be taxed in the current year
  • Email from Matt describing how he’s thinking more deeply by listening to our show and reading FI blogs
  • ChooseFI mentions on other blogs
  • FI hack from Ken on ESPPs and Jonathan’s response since he can benefit from it at his job and purchase his company stock at a 10% discount
  • Follow up from our in-house expert on real estate: Chad Carson who gives us a background on how to evaluate the financials behind a rental real estate purchase
  • Travel rewards question about how to review flight and alliance award options. Our  thought is to look at traveling differently and build in flexibility and find saver award availability
  • Travel rewards question about combining points
  • Hot Seat intro music update
  • Itunes reviews and The Simple Path to Wealth book giveaway

Links from the show:

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