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014 | The Phases Of FI With 1500 Days

The Phases of FI with 1500 Days (Mr 1500)

  • Our Guest: Carl from 1500 Days
  • The Phases of Financial Independence
  • Close-knit community at Fincon and FI generally, Its amazing how much you have in common with somebody when you share a philosophy about money
  • What is your philosophy about money? It isn’t about money – it’s a tool to a better life
  • The goal of his site 1500 Days to freedom
  • Their real estate investing experience
  • Buying a McMansion and selling it within 2 weeks
  • How one bad day at work led him to MMM and the concept of early retirement
  • The importance of health
  • Surrounding yourself with the best possible people
  • Live in a place that has outdoor pursuits, the best possible library and a strong community
  • Raise your children to be good, hardworking people and raise your knowledge every day
  • Explore the world and give back by volunteering
  • Time is the most essential resource, and it's slipping away from you unless you plan for it
  • Develop passions to design the life you want to live with the time available. Without passions, FI would be a prison
  • The Four Phases of FI
  • Financial independence doesn’t mean not earning money. It means following your passions
  • Hot Seat Questions

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3 thoughts on “014 | The Phases Of FI With 1500 Days”

  1. Hey guys, once again great content/guest and also thanks for answering my question on the Friday podcast last week.

    My wife and I are sort of just starting out on our FI journey, we just paid off all debt: no car payment, no sofa payment, no mortgage, nothing. So with that being said, we are just being as frugal as possible, pushing any extra money into our savings right now. My question after hearing this podcast is how the whole 4% rule works. Of course I’ve read a bunch of articles about it, but I’m still a little green on the specifics of how you pull the 4% to live off of when the time comes and what accounts would this draw come from: 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, etc? I’m really trying to get it as “right” as I can from the beginning since we’re starting off in our mid 30’s. A hypothetical walk through in one way or another would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the long winded question, but I’ve been trying to get the blueprint to this thing for a little while now and you guys have such a great way of simplifying things I was hoping you could help me and many others out here, as you usually do.

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

  2. Nice to hear about the property mistakes. I like the tip about “if they won’t fund a library don’t move there!” Going to work to buy your freedom.

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